My Interview with John DiMaggio

Hey, check it out: I interviewed actor John DiMaggio about his role as Niblet on the Hub’s Pound Puppies (and also a tiny bit about Master Brightmore on Kaijudo and the upcoming I Know That Voice film, too). Go read!

Recent Voiceover-Related Interviews at Toonzone

One reason why I’m exploring voiceover is from the experience of interviewing voiceover talent for Toonzone. Here are a few of the latest voiceover-related interviews I’ve done in the past year or so:

If I had to do a “greatest hits” collection, I’d link to A Life in Voice Acting with Bob Bergen, the writeup of Bob’s introduction to voiceover class, and my big interview with voice/casting director extraordinare Andrea Romano.

Edward Liu Voiceover Actor Home Page – Go!

Welcome to the official home page of Edward Liu, voiceover actor. I can also announce my first professional gig as the voice of the Research at Princeton Podcast, created by the Office of the Dean for Research at Princeton University. In the first podcast, I interviewed Prof. Carlos Brody about his research on decision making:

(Download the podcast)

Hopefully much more to come soon. Watch this space!